My Story

I have been creating bespoke costumes for many years, specialising in contemporary circus, working globally for independent artists and larger clients to create costumes that are brought to life through the physical language of the body. They can be seen in West End Shows, Theatre Productions, Contemporary Dance, Opening Ceremonies, and corporate events including product promotions, building and car launches.

I have years of experience creating tough, beautiful, fantastical creations which also need to be super practical and safe to work in. You can see more of this at

For some time I have fantasised about creating my own collections .. as my own children grew the desire to create my own label grew with them too...  I wanted to see something a bit more punk, colourful, perhaps whimsical but at the same time remaining practical so that they can still swim, play, party and dance.

 These clothes are designed to make your kids feel special and inspire them in their play. Rainbow Birds, Bubblegum Octopus, Ice cream Queens. Great pieces that are also easy for parents to look after, wash at 30, hang out that's it!  They are all lovingly handmade in London by me. New designs are created when I feel inspired not when industry prescribes. These pieces are made to last and stretch with childrens bodies in tough modern fabrics, They are future heirlooms. Pass them on, share them when your kids are done.

Designs initially aimed at ages 4-10. But this has quickly expanded into Adults and Babies. I keep small quantities of stock, hopefully this will expand as the business does. I am always happy to chat, if you can't see the size you need or your looking for something bespoke. 

I spent far too long deliberating about what my label should be called..on a visit to a bird sanctuary late last year, my then 4yr old daughter enquired as we arrived...Are we going to see Flingo's and Swollop's...the brand was born.


Thankyou for supporting a small creative business


Abby xx